New PC Build – Gaming PC For Fun… And Work (Part 1)

Gaming PC

Most of my work these days involves either procuring, managing or troubleshooting software-related issues and longer range projects. There is some hardware stuff here and there, but since we now have a full-time help desk person to service and troubleshoot laptops, monitors, projectors, etc., I don’t really get to spend as much time in this … Read more

Encrypted Passwords Locally Stored and Synced In The Cloud – Best of Both Worlds

It’s not uncommon nowadays to have to manage multiple logins to such places as shopping sites, banks or social media. So most of us resort to a variation of one of two strategies – using the same (or similar) passwords across multiple sites or taking advantage of utilizing a password manager in order to create … Read more

Remote Desktop Connection – Tools I Use And Recommend

If you’ve ever had to connect to a remote desktop, you’ve had to at least use the built-in Windows tool – Remote Desktop Connection. While definitely bare bones and nothing fancy, it got the job done for an occasional remote session or two. But if you are regularly having to connect to multiple machines (often … Read more

Windows Desktop Management Software

In my typical daily multitasking routine I have to rely on various tools which help me with my productivity. Over the years I have tried several types of tools and have found a few that I still use today. There are multiple products covering various tasks spreading over numerous categories, so obviously it would be … Read more

Business Video Conferencing Solutions – My Experience With Zoom

Video Conference

Let’s face it, long gone are the days when you had to be physically present for an office meeting, an interview or even an appointment which might be in a remote location. So we are all familiar with one of several tools available today to facilitate remote meetings since it is fairly common for companies … Read more